NVIDIA's Latest Project to be Accessible by Playing Through 'Ultimate Quest', A Tweet-Based Text Adventure

NVIDIA has today teased a new project, something exclusively for gamers. Details are in short supply for July 22nd's big release, but what we do know is that you have to game to get your hands on it first. This is where Ultimate Quest comes in.

A Tweet-based text adventure written by Interactive Fiction author Emily Short, Ultimate Quest takes you on a 'journey to the far side of possible' in which players will search to uncover items in each chapter.

Geared towards challenging the most skilled gamers, one chapter is to be revealed each day with each containing unique illustrations with ambitious puzzles to solve. Players control actions by 'tweeting' a fixed number of verbs through the interface, although nothing is shared with your public feed unless you command so.

To participate, head over to and log in with your Twitter account. Unlock the secrets of each day's puzzle, and you'll be on your way to getting a first taste of NVIDIA's latest.


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