Can Your PC Handle Black Ops 2?

Black Ops II is here, and NVIDIA is providing a nifty tool to help players make sure they're prepared before they buy!

This highly anticipated FPS from Treyarch released on Tuesday, bringing future warfare technology, player-driven storylines which branch with the choices you make, and more never before seen in the Call of Duty series.

If you're curious whether your setup can handle the new DX11 features, scan your PC to find out over at!  It'll detect your graphics hardware, comparing it to NVIDIA's recommended GPU specifications for CoD: Black Ops  2 and letting you know how you measure up.

A rundown of optimal game settings is also available, so you can maximize image quality while maintaining at least 30 frames per second.  Select your hardware and it'll give you the right settings for three resolutions!

Enjoy Black Ops 2, and be sure to check out NVIDIA on Facebook and Twitter for the latest GeForce news.  For updates, information, and community discussion on the Call of Duty series, drop by FPS General to receive the latest situation reports on all the FPS games you care about.


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