Neverwinter Players Receive Caturday Survivor's Pack

The weekend has come and gone, and with it a nice load of open beta drama for players of Neverwinter. A major exploit caused grief within the community, resulting ultimately in a 7 hour rollback of the servers to 5:20 AM PDT the morning of May 19.

Characters were reverted to that state, offenders were banned, and ZEN refunded. The team is continuing to look into pre-rollback exploit abusers, in hopes of further action to be taken against them.

Out of this mess though, comes some perks for those caught in the crossfire -- the Caturday Survivor's Pack. Contained within you'll find: 

Cape of Catastrophe (image here).

This cape doesn't have stats, but is pretty cool looking.

Stone of Health

Heal yourself to full instantly -- Can't be used in PvP. Has 50 charges.

Adventurer's XP Booster (x2)

A pool of 4,000 bonus experience that you'll gain at a rate of +25%

Teleport Scroll: Protector's Enclave (x5)

We all know what these do.

Dwarven Facemask

A purely cosmetic headpiece, for the fashion section of your character sheet.

Additionally, the title 'Caturday Survivor' has been granted.

Any character made prior to 5 AM Pacific on Sunday, May 19th will receive the pack in their in-game mailboxes as an attachment to message "You Survived!"

Hopefully this marks the end of this catastrophe! Stay tuned to Curse for updates and future coverage.

If you're playing, there's no better source than the Neverwinter Wiki to prepare, so be sure to head on over and check out this amazing resource. There's also a sweet contest going on for contributors; more information can be found here.


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