Submarines this summer and May Updates and Events

Many changes and new content to play in May.
The Super Battleships and Super Aircraft Carrier Queen Victoria, Nebraska, Amagi , Kaiser, Midway, De Grass has been added. Many high level players now have the challenge to acquire and launch these monster ships.
The Exp gain rate in normal rooms has been increased by 20% as an event. Furthermore the EXP gain rate for Select Mode has been increased to 100%.
The Aircraft Carrier commands has been upgraded for using aircraft carriers. A player can now manage the aircraft's squad more easily with using only the keyboard and mouse.

Moreover Navy Field provides new events.
Until the 15th of June fleets can challenge other fleets to rise up in the fleet ranking!
It's possible to set own rules. The best 4 fleets will come into the last round. You can win a model ship, Navy Field crystal, premium subscriptions, premium ships and a lot of credits.
Among other things Party Weekends with an increased Exp gain rate and other bonuses are planned.
NFEU will have a chance to join this NF World War Event. The preliminary league will start around July. The EU final battles will be held in Leipzig at the GC Event.

NFEU will add a 2nd server with an English name soon, especially for English speaking players.
Other planned innovations are submarines in this summer and new nations until end of this year.


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