Mythos Europe Open Beta Begins

Just recently, the Mythos Open Beta started, meaning everyone can now hack and slash their way through the game’s gruelling dungeons and hordes of ferocious beasts. All of the game servers were opened at midday, allowing previously registered players, well over 100,000 in number, to get stuck in immediately and allow those who weren’t able to get their hands on a closed beta key to finally enter the world of Uld.  From now on the only key you’ll need to get your hands on is a dungeon’s master key.

The hack’n’slash MMO will continue to be fine tuned and optimised for localisation between now and the official release on the 28th of April. Also, high-level players will get some new meat to chew on in the next two weeks, and hopefully they like it chilled because the level cap is being raised from 27 to 50, opening the way for adventurers to enter the snowy region of Umbral Peaks.

But soon after that, things will start to heat up again as the game’s release draws ever closer. In addition to the free download version, there will also be a box version available in stores at a suggested retail price of £9.99. In addition to getting some enticing bonuses, those who purchase the box can play Mythos two days before the release – on 26/04/2011.

The coveted box version with item package and exclusive pet can already be pre-ordered here.

For the latest screenshots and game news please check the official website.


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