Movie preview of Mythos new icy and snowy zone

Mythos is a great game. Made by ex-Diablo developers at Flagship Studios. I've played it quite a bit myself and I enjoy it.

It only lack a few things, but it's being worked on. afterall it's in beta for a reason. Now, what does it lack? Content! Did I say it need more content and more areas to explore? Well, that's the main thing it lacks. Secondly, it need some more diversity.

ComputerAndVideoGames got a 5 minutes long video preview of Mythos new zone.

Mythos is currently in beta, and the movie focuses on a new, third zone soon to be added to the test.

Played from an isometric viewpoint, Mythos is very much Diablo-style with non-stop action and loot dropping liking it's going out of fashion.

The game world works a bit like Guild Wars. Each zone has a central town, a number of instances of which can exist depending on the population level in this hub.

Take me to the video preview already.

There's also a very short preview of the new zone here.


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