Mythos: Exclusive Preview Video and Q&A

Today we have two exclusive Mythos features to present. An exclusive video that show the new and upcoming zone, it's snowy and icy! We also have an exclusive interview (Q&A) with Mythos Lead Game Designer, Travis Baldree.

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  • When do you expect to release Zone 3? Any specifics you could tell us about this zone that we do not know yet?
    • While it’s difficult to provide an exact date ( mostly due to our small team size – if one of us gets sick, it makes a big difference in our schedule, and it’s cold season! ), I can tell you that we are aiming for ‘sooner’ rather than ‘later’.
  • What's your future plans for the size of Mythos world? What's next after Zone 3?
    • If you have a look at the Mythos world map, you’ll see a large amount of unfilled territory – if we can keep an audience, our aim is to fill it all in, and then look for new areas to expand to. After Zone 3, we’ll begin work on our fourth Zone ( and hopefully find a better naming scheme for zones in general ), we’ll be getting the Marketplace implemented, and we’ll start into work on the next class.
  • When do you expect to add another class? If ever? If so, what class?
    • The class we’ll be doing next is still hotly debated – but we’ll definitely be adding a new one, as well as hopefully many more to follow.
  • We've all read that PVP will be included in Mythos, could you tell us a bit more about how it will work and when you plan to have it added?
    • PVP will be added with our Zone 3 patch. To begin, we’ll have two basic flavors of PVP – classic dueling, and an entire PVP world that we’re currently ( possibly temporarily ) calling the Shadowlands. The Shadowlands are a mirror of the regular world, but PVP can occur at any place and time without consent. Killing another player in the Shadowlands will cause one random piece of worn equipment to drop. We also have a ‘karmic’ system – killing newbies will reduce your karma, and players with low karma drop MORE of their equipped items on death. Your karmic rating is visible to everyone, so there will be a high incentive to hunt down nastier players and steal their loot. In the Shadowlands, there is also a potential to run into other players EVERYWHERE – every dungeon and outdoor area has the potential to be shared with others.
  • In a question before this one we asked what the future plans about content and the size of the world is, we also wonder how your vision of content in Mythos is. Basically, a lot of players feel that they run out of content way too fast as it is. Is there plans to remedy this or will it take a long time?
    • There are definitely plans to remedy this – it’s basically our primary focus, other than providing much needed features like PVP, the crafting system ( which will release at the same time ), and ingame mail and marketplace. We aim for Zone 3 to get players up into the level 30 range, and our ultimate goal is to provide enough world content that you can level to 50 without seeing it all – then play a new class and experience different quests and areas.
  • Balance. Right now, the majority of the gamers we've talked to think the game is too easy. You can focus on one aoe skill only and not have to use several skills in order to do well. Are you planning to increase the difficulty of the game and balance the skills radically? We'd love to know any upcoming plans and changes surrounding this, not to mention, your thoughts.
    • At present one of the big problems with balance is tied into the lack of content past level 20 – everything beyond this range is ‘artificially’ leveled and doesn’t provide a particularly good challenge. As we add in the new chunks of content, we readdress balance at these level ranges to provide a better challenge ( hopefully ). We are also increasing the number of monsters in a lot of areas, and we continue to balance skills across the board.
  • Basically, players feel too powerful -- way too fast.
    • I imagine this has a lot to do with number 6, listed above. We still want to keep that classic Diablo feeling of mowing down hordes of monsters, but we hope that as we add new and interesting content, players will continue to be challenged and interested at later levels.
  • Boss fights. They are pretty cool, some of them are great, but in general, too easy if you bring a friend along with you. Do you plan to make the dungeons scale a lot more challenge-wise (bosses too) if you bring more people? If it does scale already, do you plan to make it harder?
    • Currently it does scale based upon the number of players in the party. We think that a lot of the imbalances in the boss fights with parties come about as a result of skill balance issues as well, which we continue to look at. We are also looking at boss resistances to things like interrupts, which can really quickly swing the battle in your favor if you can manage to stunlock the boss.
  • Is there a cow level?
    • There is no cow level.
  • Any major plans to revamp the UI further?
    • We’ve just revamped the bottom bar a bit, and moved and sized up the health and mana meters. Several other areas are being touched as a result of the crafting work we’re doing – we continue to be open to changes in the UI as requested by players.
  • Quests and lore. Right now you do not feel too involved in the storyline and the lore aspects of the world. This could be improved upon greatly with more interesting and unique quests. Perhaps class specific quests and/or epic quests. Also, adding more lore and storyline development (i.e epic quest) would make the players feel part of the world a lot more. Is there any such plans for the future?
    • Definitely, and we’re acutely aware here of the lack of story in the game. We’re looking at doing some simple ( but hopefully stylish ) mini-cinematics to set the stage for the world, and our third Zone is more ‘lore-centric’ than previous zones, telling the story of what happened to the Dwarven race. We’ve also started adding books to the game with snippets of story. We sort of went about development backwards given our initial purpose as a network test. In the beginning, having the mechanics in place was the most important thing. Now that we’ve got the game up and running and enjoyable, we’re beginning a big effort to inject more story and lore into the game. We are also looking at new quest types to break up the flow of the game more.
  • Instanced hubs. Any plans to add non instanced dungeons or dungeons where a lot of (although limited) people can enter and play together? (epic dungeon, i.e a very challenging place that require quite a few players).
    • Yes. Initially, we’re aiming to simply share the world more – in the Shadowlands, you can run into other players EVERYWHERE. We’ve also changed it so that the primary roads in the ‘normal’ world can be shared with others as well – you’ll run across strangers as you trek from town to town. Once we get a critical mass of ingame content, we are also looking at more raid-style endgame content with larger playercounts in longer dungeons. Capture the Flag is also on the horizon for more team-based play.

Thanks to Flagship Studios.


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