Mythos: Zone 3 Live and Patch Notes

Mythos servers are currently down as a new patch is being applied -- the long awaited Zone 3 patch! Loaded with new content and even PVP is back.

Hello Mythosians and welcome to patch you have all been waiting for!

Zone3 - the Umbral Peaks includes the town of Mistglade and the archaeological excavation of Arc'led and brings to you new quests, monsters, a new race – Cyclops and areas! Keep in mind that Zone3 is not quite complete yet - we have more quests and tilesets to go in - but there's a good bit to do there right now, and higher level monsters for you to battle, and quests to complete, as well as new random quests. So grab that <insert your favorite drink here>, sit back and enjoy reading all that’s new to Mythos! We hope you’re as excited about these changes as we are!

New Additions:



Back by popular demand… We would like to re-introduce PVP to Mythos! Each zone will have access to a Shadowlands portal which allows you to switch to an all-PVP world (even in town!) where you can aggress against other players at any time. Tread carefully for if you fall it means you drop one random piece of your equipped loot. Killing low-level players will increase your Anarchy rating, and you will drop more loot when killed - other players can see your Anarchy rating visually, so watch out! Additionally, much more of the world is shared in small instances. You can potentially run into other players anywhere. Note: Monsters respawn in these regions.

For those that wish to live on the edge we also offer a Shadowlands Only mode which is available at character creation. This will flag your character permanently for PVP and can not be changed back so choose this option wisely.


We have added in the ability to duel others. There is no risk with dueling other then feelings getting hurt and bragging rights! To challenge another player to a duel type /duel – or click on the quote bubble above another players head and choose “duel” from the radial menu, just like when you trade or whisper another person. Low level zombies are available for people to kill to summon minions. No experience or money will be awarded for killing these.

Mail System

Tired of waiting for your friend to login to give him some items you have been saving? Wait no more… just mail those items them! The mail system is the first step to moving towards the auction system being in place. The mail system will allow players to send and receive messages, items and money to anyone, including your own characters!


Introducing an all new crafting system with hundreds of recipes, harvestable ingredients, ingredient refinement, a full Crafting skill tree, and a unique risk-based system of crafting. No grind! There are also crafting quests. For more information on crafting click here

  • Crafters will now have a separate crafting ingredient backpack to prevent clutter.
  • Crafting has a separate Respec option with the same rules

User Interface

  • WASD control in Advanced Camera mode is now available!
  • Instance switching via dropdown menu in towns
  • Autorun can now be keymapped
  • Ignore Targets key - hold down this button to force yourself to ignore interaction or attack
  • Key/Button remapping
  • Chat/Automap background opacity control
  • Chat bubbles above other players’ heads
  • Advanced Camera mode - play behind the shoulder, or rotate your camera! ( Accessible via the options menu )
  • Red health warning when health is low - visible at screen borders
  • Quest Tracking and Buffs/Debuffs slide over when panes are open to remain visible
  • Bottom HUD Health/Mana elements sized up and moved
  • Hide Headgear option
  • Automap Zoom settings persist after restarting the game
  • Improved Vanity camera
  • Recompressed all UI textures for crisper UI
  • Fixed improper click area on dropdown menus


  • Armor and Trinkets now have sockets. Socketables provide different effects based upon what they are added to.


  • New race – Cyclops!
  • All races now get some mild racial bonuses
  • Human Male beards
  • Improved several wardrobe textures, and fixed several wardrobe problems ( Female Gremlin Gadgeteer shoulders, for instance )

Grouping and Combat

  • Increased party XP scaling
  • Hirelings respawn with you when you die
  • Investing in the Skill Tree tiers gives you bonuses to core stats, with different breakdowns by class
  • Skyship travel gated by level
  • Monsters rendering behind walls are colored 'Red' for hostile
  • Several new 'group' potions that can be tossed into a crowd (Group Heal, Group Antidote, etc.) as well as bandages which heal slowly over time even after health is maxed.
  • Removed Respec cap, but cost doubles each time. Respecs remain disallowed in Hardcore and Elite

Zones and Quests

  • Vin Graves now has a cool boss fight in Zone 2
  • All outdoor regions now have border filler, so that you don't see black edges
  • Monsters properly respect line-of-sight in outdoor regions when rendering
  • Units fade smoothly in and out of view, instead of popping
  • Raven behaviors fixed – less crazy
  • Elite difficulty increased
  • Monster density increased in most dungeons
  • Hardcore resurrection exploit fixed
  • Balanced monster gold drops


  • Alt-Tabbing the game will not turn areas black
  • New and improved skies
  • Tons of optimization - the game should run substantially better for many players, hopefully
  • Particles now dynamically throttle based on framerate to keep things running smoothly
  • Nice new loading screens - lots more of them too
  • Fixed several shadow rendering cutoff problems
  • Loads of new sounds
  • Hopeful fix for the dreaded 'black startup'
  • Pet health bars
  • Friends list should properly update on login
  • Improved pathing - less craziness near unpathable areas, more 'solid'
  • Roads are shared similar to the sharing in the Shadowlands - you can run across other players on public roads, and these areas respawn. Things DO NOT respawn 'in sight'

Skill Fixes/Tweaks

  • Fixed free-identify exploit
  • Wisdom now contributes to non-weapon-based Skill damage! 4 points of Wisdom = 1% bonus. So, a Wisdom of 200 would provide a 50% bonus to nonweapon skill damage
  • Boom Zipper damage repaired, and they detonate faster
  • Hemorrhage – damage radius doubled
  • Raze, Adrenaline Rush upgrade – damage increased
  • Blade Shards, Deep Wounds upgrade – was never proccing explosion. – Fixed
  • Adept of Edges, Blade Specialist upgrade – was never proccing bleed. – Fixed
  • Blood Boil – Doubled damage, spread out between tier nodes
  • Blood Command – Tripled damage, spread out between tier nodes
  • Fiery Weapon – damage smoothed over ranks
  • Flamewielder, Fiery Weapon upgrade – explosion was not damaging on proc – Fixed
  • Burning Sweep, Blazing Blade upgrade – Ignite chance improved
  • Thermal Damage, Thermal Shield upgrade – No damage was reflecting. – Fixed
  • Cinderwall – Mana cost reduced and smoothed
  • Improved Latchbomb – Mana cost increase halved. Various latchbomb properties improved - detonation now happens properly, range of detonation improved, generally not as crummy overall. Also looks a bit nicer.
  • Improved Noxius Grenade – Poison Damage bonus increased, poison chance decreased
  • Seeking Shot – Cooldown removed
  • Deafening Explosion – Damage increased by 150%
  • Marksman’s Refire, Rapid Refire upgrade – Damage increased by 100% at max and smoothed along that tier node
  • Galvanic Widget – Tripled movement speed
  • Suppression Widget can now reduce target resists in last tier
  • Toggleable skills with cooldowns now properly respect the cooldowns
  • All Gadgeteer minions get minion bonuses
  • Flame Turret turn rate sped up
  • Fixed overspawning of Gadgeteer widgets
  • Blood Mist cooldown reduced by 1 second
  • Piercing barrage damage reduced with subsequent ricochets making it less overpowered
  • Bauble Traps start with more HP
  • Many, many other skill fixes and adjustments across the board


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