Mythos: Class Introduction Video and new Screenshots

We have a couple of fresh Mythos screenshots for your eyes to feast on. You may also view an class introduction video below -- it's pretty neat and definitely worth to check out.

<center> <script type="text/javascript"> var FO_212 = { movie:"", width:"500", height:"350", majorversion:"7", build:"0", bgcolor:"#FFFFFF", allowfullscreen:"true", flashvars:"file=" }; $("#flvplayer_212").click(function(event) { UFO.create(FO_212, "flvplayer_212"); $(this).unbind('click'); }); </script> </center>

mythos\Mythos_2008-03-19_1 mythos\Mythos_2008-03-19_2 mythos\Mythos_2008-03-19_3 mythos\Mythos_2008-03-19_4 mythos\Mythos_2008-03-19_5 mythos\Mythos_2008-03-19_6


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