New Mythos Patch

Recently the biggest content patch in Mythos history (so far) was released. Due to this several bugs sneaked in and this new build have numerous of bugs fixed (among other things).

Patch Notes:

  • new Zone3 Quests content
  • Breaking down magical items ALWAYS gives you Aether or Anima
  • Lots of crafting balance changes * Risk is halved for most properties
  • Damage modification nodes swapped with Speed mod nodes in the crafting tree for weapons
  • In general, all starting item properties for crafted items should be higher at the beginning for items, and you should be able to make items as good as or better than normal drops much, much quicker
  • Ingredient drops fall off now, so that you shouldn't have QUITE as much clutter
  • Blind sound isn't as irritating * Dwarven Wisps should be better visible against light backgrounds
  • Text on ingredient boxes should now fit 2 double*digit numbers, instead of clipping
  • Zone 2 and 3 crafting merchants should always have the appropriate inventory
  • Grenades/Potions/Tossable skills should now always fire *you shouldn't have Blood Mist not showing up properly now
  • Gadgeteer tossables toss MUCH faster
  • both in initial cast, and in speed of missile. This is to make up for the fact that I'm making you stop now to toss them ( it was a bug that you could do it while running! )
  • Fixed quest completion text not showing up properly
  • Fixed the whisper issue when clicking on bubbles above heads
  • I think I figured out why a lot of people are suddenly shooting the wrong way with pathing, and it had to do with camera orbiting. I have a fix in place ( Remembers last mouse position )
  • Hooked up icons for crafting quest result items
  • Dwarven Archers don't fire so darn fast
  • Blind sound now mutes properly
  • Vin Graves sound*bytes are now audible
  • Fixed some quest node spawning issues in Frozen Mines tileset
  • Fix for always walking the wrong way the first time you click to move after launching the game
  • NPCs at Shadowlands portals that give you a little explanation about the Shadowlands
  • Fixed some quests and quest dialogs
  • Blood Phase range extended
  • Crafting Quest recipes are not removed until the final result is created
  • Fixed extreme rarities of supernatural drops ( ectoplasms and phantasms, etc. ) and a few others
  • Blinding Flash range fixed, and doesn't cause wierd stalemates in PVP
  • Using grenade*style potions by clicking on the hotkey throws them at your feet, not far in front of you
  • Fixed Thick Skin always proc*ing
  • Fixed issue with beam skills proc'ing onhit skills way too much
  • Fixed issue with random quest bosses sometimes not spawning in party situations.
  • Should be able to fire over tombstones
  • Hardcore icons show on the right of names again
  • Scepter minimum damages improved
  • Blazing Blade has a better strike range
  • Thermal Screen cast time halved
  • Bandages are simpler to make
  • Poison nodes now show up in all 3 panes of the crafting tree
  • Respawn times tripled in respawning areas
  • Fixed ( or at least nerfed ) the XP exploit in Zivia’s lair
  • Fixed Musket recipe improperly named as Buckler
  • In PvP world, we're trying out only letting Hardcore players perma*kill other Hardcores. Hardcores killed by non*Hardcores lose an item and resurrect, same as everybody else. We're just trying this out * who knows how it will end up
  • Aggressing against a player 7+ levels ABOVE you means that if they kill you, they get no Anarchy penalty ( since you started it )
  • Killing a PVP player 10+ levels below you doesn't cause them to drop any gear
  • Various recipe fixes
  • Pressing INS smoothly zips the camera behind you again in advanced camera mode


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