Overworld next week in Mythos

The anticipated Overworld patch for Mythos were suppose to come out this week, but it has been delayed to the middle of next. <font color="brown">

Sorry everybody - as the title of this thread states the overworld is going on hold for a bit. My guess is till the middle of next week. We have just been running into multiple issues with the new overworld that we thought we had hammered out. Trying to get it pushed out today could leave people with a pretty bad impression of the world and well that's the last thing we want to do.

Again, I'm really sorry. I know everybody has been waiting patiently and well ... this just sucks.


Compilation of Overworld Information

  • There won't be a wipe on the live Beta server. However when we finally do push the testcenter over to Beta, we'll probably need to do a wipe.
  • Our hope is to release to live beta before all three zones are incorporated back into the game. Thats the current plan at least. That might change in the next hour to weeks to come.

  • There are a few new quests - very few however. Our time has been busy adding the overworld.
  • New Quest Types - Sorry. This is on my list to do right after balancing the skills/Heralderies/weapons/armors.
  • No new boss battles - However you no longer need the quests to fight the bosses. you can run them all day long if you like - however you first have to find them.
  • New Monsters - There are a couple new monsters. A few AI changes but in general most monsters you've seen.
  • 75% of the crafting updates will be in the testcenter. However the balance on the heralderies wont be.
  • Endgame
  • Sets - we want them so bad. I have a feeling it's going to be one of those late night things when we don't want to work with the UI anymore.
  • Retirement - We want it, we talk about it. Right now it's back burnered. However it might be on Travis's list to do sooner then I think.

  • New Class - New class is on my list after quest types and <awesome thing>.
  • When Greg was doing the Epic Items he also added a few new Items at the higher level. However we are planning on adding a whole slew of new weapons at the higher level and re-balancing the stats required.


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