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Myth War Online : Holiday Events Date : Dec 11, 2006 Author : Jon Wood

Dear players, Maybe you have never heard of Myth War Online before and you may dewell on the game you're playing right now.Why not try something new and let it flavor your Xmas? Just take a quick look here: MW won't let you down. December is here, and Myth War Online is determined to make this the best holiday ever for gamers. Every day for twenty days within the game there will be fun, activities, and — best of all — prizes! Come enjoy the Myth World Holiday Trilogy: “All Time Fun, Every Day Excitement, and Xmas Carnival”.

All Time Fun: From December 10th - 30th Santa Claus himself will be visiting Myth World Online with fun and exciting tasks and a bag full of goodies! Find him in the game, fulfill his request, and receive a wondrous surprise as a reward.

Every Day Excitement: In addition to Santa's goodies, daily from December 10th to 30th specified NPCs will be giving out presents to all players. Just by meeting these NPC’s, you get a gift every day!

Xmas Carnival: From December 24th through the 26th, find the Santa Angel, and you will transform into the Santa Prince, Snow Bear, Snow Lady, or even Santa Claus himself! Finish the Santa Angel's quest for a prize. Gifts to be offered include Enjoyment Cards, Blessing Cards, Santa Hats, Santa Stockings, Santa Bells and Santa Candy.

The IGG Forum has a few surprises of its own. This holiday season your wishes really will come true. Ever wanted one particular thing in Myth War? Register your wish in the Wish Making forum from December 15th – 25th, and on December 26th one lucky gamer will have his or her wish come true.

On top of all these activities, surprises and excitement, there’s more. Write about your Christmas Activity in the Heart section of the forum on December 30th and 31st! Share your experiences with your fellow players. The best stories will win item mall points, so write with style and be sure to include screen shots!

What is the holiday season without a bargain or two? The Item Mall is offering specials throughout December; take advantage of them all! In the Double Big Surprises (December 8th - 30th) all items will be sold as special offers, with discounts up to 60%. Plus, power packs will be sold at 88% of their original prices. In the Western Union Specials (December 10th – 26th) all players who buy 4000 or more points with Western Union at one time will get an extra 300 points! Not only that, but players who buy more than 8000 points through Western Union are eligible for the December 26th Grand Prize lottery.


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