About Myth War Online

Myth War Online is a forever-free fantasy-themed MMORPG based on the magical era. There are four characteristic races and more than 100 interesting pets for players to choose from. What is special about this MMORPG is the way the graphics are created. Instead of the usual 3D graphics that we see now in many games, we are experiencing a wave of nostalgia from the beautiful hand-painted 2D graphics. The maps are huge and detailed and the game is so in-depth that individual characters can possess over 200 skill sets! Apart from the usual fighting scenarios, players can also have the option to play political mind games to amass power or destroy their enemies. For more details, you can visit .

The client of Myth War is about 700MB,

The download URL below for Myth War:

Note: This is a very large (694MB) file and may take several hours to download via dial-up modem.


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