Contest: Jointly held with Mythwar Online

Curse and the creators of Mythwar Online, Internet Gaming Gate have gone together to create a contest with some real life prizes for you to win. The contest which can be found on this page contains a series of easy to fill out checkboxes.

The rules are: >During the contest, lucky contestants will have the chance to be rewarded the following prizes: >1≤the number of Questions answered correctly≤5 one super power pack (10 in total) >6≤the number of Questions answered correctly≤7 one howling beast+ one dragon eye+ four dragon bones (3 in total) >All the questions answered correctly Creative I-Trigue 2200 speakers (1 in total) >Besides that, we also randomly provide 100 newbie packs to 100 lucky participants who enthusiastically engage themselves in this competition.

So enjoy, take your time and maby you will be one of the lucky winners!


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