Step Up Your Game With Our Modern Warfare 3 Lines of Sight Video Series

The team working on first-person shooter video content for and has cooked up a great and helpful video series that we think players are going to enjoy.

Lines of Sight is the video series, and the purpose is to help veteran players and rookies alike improve their game. In any Call of Duty game, the level designers spend many hours carefully crafting the environments that players will fight inside of in online multiplayer and Lines of Sight aims to dissect the level design to show you where you will have the best chance at spotting enemies and taking them out.

In every Modern Warfare 3 map, there are many sight lines - areas where you are either exposed or can catch enemies while they are exposed. In Lines of Sight, we set out to showcase all of these major sight lines to give you an edge over your opponents. Knowing when you're going to be caught out or when you will be able to look through the scope of your rifle and see clear to the other side of the map can turn the fight in your favor every time if you spend the time getting to know these sight lines.

We've already looked at a handful of Modern Warfare 3 maps and we've got more and more coming out every day. Be sure to check out for all of our Lines of Sight videos and start improving your game today!


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