Super Mario Land Looks Awesome In This Stop-Motion Minecraft Video

YouTube user Minecraft A2Z has created the amazing stop-motion video embedded above, recreating a stage in the beloved Super Mario Land for Nintendo's original Gameboy.

Even more impressive than the video, however, is the story behind it. Minecraft A2Z's James Wright and Joe Ciappa spent over 500 hours and 18 million blocks to create this stop-motion masterpiece. The team began with utilizing a 1:1 Game Boy recreation that another user created in Minecraft. After that, they played through a stage in Super Mario Land on a PC Gameboy Emulator, recorded video of the gameplay and then broke it down into individual frames.

From that point on, the team recreated each individual frame in Minecraft before putting it all together in the beautiful stop-motion video you can see above. Pretty impressive, if we do say so ourselves.

Check the team out at for more of their creations and kudos to the guys for this masterpiece!


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