Best Buy Offering Xbox One Game Trade-Up Program

Retailer Best Buy has unveiled a helpful new program for prospective Xbox One owners, hoping to help provide a purchase solution during this awkward time between console versions. The problem? Some gamers are unsure if they should buy a newly released game, or just wait it out until the Xbox One releases so they can buy the newest version.

Best Buy's solution is simple: Choose any of the new releases below by the release deadline, and receive a voucher to upgrade to the new version when it's available for as little as $9.99.

The above four titles are available for this promotion. Each is priced at $59.99, with a range of 'Purchase by' dates to adhere to in order to take advantage of the perk. Here's how it works:

  • Buy a qualifying Xbox 360 game online or in store by the date shown next to the title on the official promotion page.
  • Within one day after you purchase the Xbox 360 edition, you'll receive a $10 coupon via e-mail, valid for the Xbox One edition of that title when it's released. (Coupon is only valid when used with this trade-in offer.)
  • When you are ready to trade up to the Xbox One edition, bring your Xbox 360 edition and $10 coupon to any participating Best Buy store to trade in the game for a Best Buy gift card with a minimum $40 value.
  • You'll receive a code on your trade-in receipt that will activate your $10 Xbox One coupon. When you purchase the Xbox One edition in store, you must bring this activation code with your $10 coupon.
  • Use the $40 Best Buy trade-in gift card, your $10 coupon and the activation code toward your Xbox One game purchase to get the game for as low as $9.99.
  • Trade in of Xbox 360 edition and purchase of Xbox One edition must occur by December 31.
Full terms and conditions can be found on the official Best Buy website, along with a tool to assist you in finding a Trade-In store.
We're pumped here at Curse for the Xbox One's upcoming release; stay tuned right here for news leading up to launch!


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