MechWarrior Online Brings On the Heavy Metal

The past few weeks have been quite eventful for MechWarrior Online. Just recently the president of Piranha Games, Russ Bullock, was speaking at GDC and announced that we can look forward to the game officially launching later this summer. One big feature being added on the way to the launch will be Community Warfare. This new game system will allow players to form their own Mercenary Corporations, ally with a faction, or simply fight for themselves as a lone wolves.

Even more immediately is the April 2nd patch, which brought us the following updates:

  • The star of this update is the newly available Hero 'Mech - the Highlander "Heavy Metal" model. This heavy duty 90 ton assault 'Mech is able to mount jump jets, making it the first such ‘Mech in its weight class. As a premium 'Mech, this unit will give players a unique camo paint job and a 30% bonus on money earned each match. By far the most unique feature of this 'Mech, though, are the half dozen or so speakers mounted around the head. Every time you destroy an enemy ‘Mech, a short rock riff is blasted out of the speakers. Learn more about the Highlander "Heavy Metal" HGN-HM at its entry on the MWO Wiki.
  • The alternate imaging modes are overhauled too. A new thermal and night vision mode is introduced, both of which have their own strengths and complement each other.

A view of normal/thermal/and night vision modesCompare normal vision to the new thermal and night vision modes in a dark area

  • Air Strikes and Artillery Barrages are added in this patch as well in the form of a consumable item. A consumable item must be purchased before a match, can only be used once per match, and must be repurchased afterwards. Both of these will saturate an area with either artillery shells or bombs.

  • Also added in this patch is a new camo ‘Mech paint pattern. This pattern is based on the digital pattern commonly worn by the U.S. armed forces.

A few other cosmetic items and bug fixes round out this patch. Later this month we can look forward to seeing additional Highlander 'Mech models available for purchase using in game currency, another camo pattern, and a new type of premium 'Mech called a Champion 'Mech.

Sign up now to play the free open beta at For more information on the game, be sure to check out the MWO Wiki at


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