Operation Silencer, Next Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer Challenge This Weekend

Operation Silencer is the name of the challenge and all you Mass Effect 3 players out there can answer the call this weekend! 

BioWare has announced that the next Mass Effect 3 challenge weekend will get underway this Friday, May 11th and will run through Monday, May 14th. This weekend, we're being tasked with exterminating Reaper banshees. Banshees cannot be easily replaced, so focusing efforts in one major push will go a long ways towards getting rid of them entirely. The overall allied goal this weekend is to kill 3,000,000 banshees with our squad goal to simply survive to extraction on any map on Gold difficulty.

Successful completion of the Allied goal will merit a Victory Pack while Squad goal completion will grant each member of your squad a Commendation Pack.

In addition to Operation Silencer, BioWare has released an updated infographic showing the devastation that Mass Effect 3 players have racked up in cooperative multiplayer action. Check it out below and be sure to jump on Mass Effect 3 multiplayer this weekend to start racking up those Banshee kills!


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