Mabinogi: Pre-Open Beta Schedule

Ever wanted to check out Mabinogi? It's a very promising upcoming MMO which currently is in closed beta... But, here's the deal:

Hime (official Nexon representative) posted,

Mabinogi will be available for all users! February 23rd - 24th marks the two-day period where the Fantasy Life will be open to everyone. Regrettably, characters created during this time will not transfer to Open Beta. This is a great opportunity for our users to learn more about Mabinogi and gain a headstart when Open Beta officially launches! Purpose of this Pre-Open Beta is to test the stability of our servers. Looking forward to seeing you inside the Mabinogi world!

More information about the game:

The game engine features cell-shaded graphics, which enhance the anime-looking characters. The game world is developed continuously, through the release of important patches (referred to as "Generations" and "Chapters") that introduce new areas, features and advance the storyline. The user interface is familiarly simple and designed in the likeness of Microsoft Windows' task bar, allowing the player to access most game panels with ease (experienced players can also make use of keyboard shortcuts, to simplify certain tasks).


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