Mabinogi Unleashes Pets


Nexon America adds a pet system and also new magic skills to the fantasy life in the latest updates. This isn't brand new, but the press release Nexon America sent us is. So it's worthy to be posted!

You can now chose between having a dog, two different cats, a fox and also a wolf. Pretty neat, if I were to chose I would love to have a fox. Wolf comes second and cat third. What can I say, I love cat-like pets, then again a Fox is a mix.

Pet cards can be purchased through the Nexon Cash Shop and you can name your pet. Pets are faster then humans and they attack swifter as well. They also level up and have their own skills. Cats have magic, while a wolf is more melee-based. There's even further benefits such as expanded inventory.

Along with this, there's more additions planned for Mabinogi which include a brand new dungeon, boss monster and the chance for players to get their hands on a high level magic spell, the Thunder spell.

Currently Nexon America expect this patch to go live June 25.


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