Warbands Introduced to LOTRO's Riders of Rohan

A new enemy has been introduced by Turbine and Warner Bros. for Lord of the Rings Online's upcoming Riders of Rohan expansion, which is due out on September 5th of this year!  Dubbed 'Warbands', these elite groups of mounted enemies roam the plains doing dirty deeds, and are some of the deadliest riders found.  

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While their appearance may be rarer in occurrence, they are feared above most as the bands themselves travel in greater numbers and boast great strength. Unlike other foes, Warbands travel over large distances and can quickly overcome the unwary adventurer. Often times, a Warband will be better dealt with by riding alongside your allies as you charge into battle.

Newly added 'open tapping' combat rules also ensure that more than one player can get credit and experience for engaging and defeating enemies in mounted combat, even while ungrouped!  This new rule is meant to encourage open-world cooperation towards common goals.

LOTRO is an award-winning free-to-play MMORPG featuring the familiar people, places, and monsters from one of the most famous fantasy universes of all time.  Be sure to visit for more information, and check out the screenshots below to get a glimpse at Riders of Rohan's newest enemies!

Gallery: Warbands


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