LOTRO 5th Anniversary Event Kicks Off Today

Turbine has released today information and screenshots about the five-year anniversary festival for Lord of the Rings Online kicking off today!  Players will be rewarded with some fun rewards; all active players will be eligible to receive fireworks and an anniversary cloak, and Premium/VIP members will be eligible for the following additional rewards:

1 Year
• A 1-year character portrait frame

2 Years
• A 2-year character portrait frame
• 3 +10% Run Speed Boost (60 min)
• 1 +5% Attack Damage (90 min)
• 10 Battle Potion of Restoration

3 Years
• A 3-year character portrait frame
• 3 Loot box keys

4 Years
• A 4-year character portrait frame
• New Azure Festival Clothing

5 Years
• A 5- year character portrait frame
• Festive Azure Steed
• New Azure Festival Clothing to match your steed

Visit for a full FAQ and more information about the anniversary event, and take a look at these screenshots as well!

Gallery: 5th Anniversary Event

LOTRO is an award-winning free-to-play MMORPG featuring the familiar people, places, and monsters from one of the most famous fantasy universes of all time.  For more information, be sure to visit



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