New Lord of the Rings Online Digital Expansion Coming Fall 2011



Fresh off the heels of a very successful free to play launch, Turbine today announced a brand new digital expansion for Lord of the Rings Online.  Coming Fall 2011, Rise of Isengard will increase the level cap once more, add the region of Isengard, improve on Monster Play, and more.

It's interesting that Monster Play is one of the key points of the feature list, so we'll see if we can get more information on the improvements.  Or perhaps they're saving more of the features for a future reveal.  But hopefully this does indeed mean Monster Play is getting a lot more love -- it's always been a very fun feature in Lord of the Rings Online.

“2010 has been a year of unprecedented growth for The Lord of the Rings Online with our successful introduction of a free-to-play option for our players,” said Kate Paiz, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online.  “This is going to be another outstanding year for the game as we progress on our journey toward Mordor and it all begins with our upcoming November update. The journey will carry through 2011 ending with our arrival in the epic region of Isengard where players will confront the raging war and shadow that has spread across Middle-earth.”

New Features

  • Experience the Rise of Isengard – The Epic Story continues as the Grey Company makes its way south into Dunland, but troubles arise as their road takes them into lands where Dunlending forces, marshaled by the Wizard Saruman, prepare for war. The Rangers must seek new allies and face dangerous new foes, chief among them the traitor Saruman, whose web of intrigue threatens to endanger your quest, your friends, and your life.
  • Increased Level Cap — Players will be able advance their characters up to level 70, gaining access to new traits, virtues, skills and class quests. 
  • Expanded Monster Play – LOTRO’s monster play system will get a major revamp including opening up the feature to all players, changes to monster player skills and advancement and a brand new region for players to battle for or against the forces of evil.

We still have a long time before Rise of Isengard becomes available, but considering it introduces one of the more memorable regions from the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, this could be the best expansion for the game yet.  Stay tuned for more updates on Lord of the Rings: Rise of Isengard in the coming months.


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