Lord of the Rings Online Radio Show LIVE

On Saturday 3rd of February, RivanLord and TucksMa will be hosting the first of our weekly radio shows "At the Sign of the Prancing Pony" in cooperation with Curse. This round, the subject is Lord of the Rings Online. A game that many people are wanting to hear about and eventually play.

Fans and inquireing minds alike will find this both fun and interesting as they dig in to what people want to know about Lord of the Rings Online.

The show will be airing from 4pm EST to 7pm EST (1pm PST to 4pm PST / 9pm GMT to Midnight GMT) and will have a wide audience!

Join us in our IRC channel #curse-radio server quakenet!

Listen now!

Also note that this will be the first of many shows to come, and as they say - same bat time, same bat place! To the batmobile!


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