LoTRO Summer Festival kicks off June 20th!

Beginning June 20th, and continuing through July 10th, Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Angmar players will be able to participate in the Summer Solstice Festival. While the name of the festival is different for each race - Lithe Festival for the Hobbits, Summerdays for Men, Summerfest for Dwarves, and the Festival of Enedhin for the Elves - it all comes down to the same thing: dancing, drinking, playing games, and kicking back to watch fireworks.

There are four different festival locations for players to visit: Duillond, Bree-fields Festival Grounds, the Party Tree, and Thorin's Halls - so be sure to stop by all of them; there will be quests, vendors, and special events going on at each locale.

Head over to the Summer Solstice Festival page to find out more on this exciting event for residents of Middle-earth!


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