Class Changes for Book 10

Book 10: The City of the Kings will introduce changes to the Captain and Hunter classes. The game systems team focused on these two classes to improve their mechanics and make them a more desirable class to play.

There are two articles up on that delve into the changes to the classes, called The Month of the Captain and The Month of the Hunter.

Captains can look forward to a new option in their arsenal: Standards. If you're not entirely keen on being a pet class as a Captain, you can now opt to equip these special "Standards" which not only offer statistic bonuses to you, but also place a banner on the ground which provides the same group buffs your Heralds would. This isn't the only option, though - those of you that enjoy Heralds can choose to use them instead, but both cannot be used at the same time.

That's not all though, Captains are also receiving new Herald Armaments, improvements to their Healing capabilities, new skills and some tweaks and changes.

Hunters will see improvements to Travel - including Group Travel changes - as well as Tracking, Traps, Oils, and Bow Chants. Not only that, but there are changes coming to Bows and Crossbows to mix up their functionality, as well as new skills and tweaks and changes to the class.


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