Lord of the Rings Online Expansion Announced


It's been nearly a year since the release of Lord of the Rings Online, and in that time the team at Turbine has made incredible strides improving the game, adding new features, and fixing issues discovered by players. Book 12 is the latest update, but the previous patch -- Book 11 -- introduced player housing, among other game enhancements.

At Connect '08, Codemasters' new (and potentially annual) event based around games the company publishes and develops, Turbine announced the next step for the Lord of the Rings Online franchise.

Enter the Mines of Moria

As the press release states, players will be able to enter the Mines of Moria for the first time ever in the game; the storied locale was visited briefly in the movie trilogy, and now players of Lord of the Rings Online have the opportunity to explore the depths of this ancient dwarven city as well.

The expansion will also introduce six new books to the Lord of the Rings Online epic story, bringing the current tally up to 18 books in total. Another addition in the expansion is to raise the level cap for players to 60, opening up new virtues, traits, skills, and class quests, along with higher crafting caps -- allowing players to craft the most powerful items to-date.

The two biggest features for the expansion announced thus far, though, are two new playable classes -- the Rune-keeper and the Warden -- as well as an all-new Legendary Item system that gives players the opportunity to forge their very own legendary item, similar to the likes of Gandalf's Glamdring or Bilbo's Sting.

Turbine urges players to keep a lookout on -- the expansion's official website -- as they will be introducing special mini-games for users to participate in over time.

To find out more about The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™, stop by the press release, or visit the expansion website.

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