Name & Gender change, and Referral Programs now live

NCsoft has rolled out two of the Account Services talked about briefly in our last Lineage II preview.

Included in the services is the ability to change your characters name, as well as its gender... something that hasn't really been made available in mass-market MMOs in the past, other than Ultima Online.

Coming in a few weeks to round out the Account Services will be Character Server Transfers -- allowing players to transfer to a new server if they're looking for a new home to play Lineage II on.

This isn't the only news out of the Lineage II camp, though. NCsoft has also introduced a new Referral Program that gives Lineage II players the opportunity to refer a friend and receive a free month of play.

To find out more, head over to the Account Services and Referral Program pages on the official Lineage II website.


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