LEGO Universe Adds Free Trial This August

Coming this August, LEGO Universe will have a free trial introduced. Players will be able to opt out of paying a subscription fee to access the game, instead partaking in a lessened free-to-play experience.

Players are limited to exploration in the game's first two zones and building their own property, "giving them a taste of the LEGO Universe experience," said WB Games.

Players will still need to subscribe to experience the full game; they'll only have access to character creation, Venture Explorer and Avant Gardens. Avant Gardens access includes all other player properties.

You'll also need to become a full member if you wish to experience adventure zones like Crux Prime, or future expansions such as the Ninjago content coming later this year.

Still, if you've been on the fence about picking up LEGO Universe, this will be your chance to check it out for free.


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