Alienware LoL Lessons with Saint Episode 5: Build Blunders ft. Phantoml0rd

We return now with the fifth episode of Alienware LoL Lessons with Saintvicious, in which he is joined by guest and avid streamer Phantoml0rd. 

With over 64 Million views racked up on, Phantoml0rd is no stranger to game mechanics. He teams up with Saint in this episode to explore the top five build blunders in solo queue, and together the pair will guide you on how to avoid those mistakes in your own games.

Stay tuned for more lessons with Saint powered by Alienware, and be sure to subscribe to his channel right here! You can help support Team Curse and pick up your new Alienware machine with 10% off by entering the code "0SLQZR7MBRWP9M" at checkout.

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