Reign of Gaming Gamescom 2012 Q&A with Riot

The folks over at Reign of Gaming were able to tackle Riot to ask some questions from the community at GamesCom.  Most of the questions were about Syndra and champion design in general - here's a round up of the questions that were asked:

Gamescom Q&A

Q: Is true-damage too strong to be in the game?
A: It is indeed very strong, but you have to decide if it's overpowered for each ability individuly. If skills likekarthus' ultimate would be true damage it would indeed be overpowerd. Most of the true damage skills are melee, with vayne's silver bolts being the only exception.But If vayne wants to trigger the true damage she has to attack the same target thrice This is rather hard in team fights where switching targets is a common occurance.

Q: Are you guys planning to bring Twisted Tree up to the same standards as Summoners Rift?
A:Our main focus is summoners rift, but we will try to update it soon 

QAny more remakes/remodels in the works?
A: Yes there are quite a few, but i can't tell you which.

QAre you guys bringing out some new skins for the 'older' champion?
A: Yes we are, but not any time soon. Creating a new, nice looking skin for a champion with an old base model is like doing the same job twice if

Q:Why does rammus have speech lines in the german client and not in the english one?
A:The goal with localised clients/servers is to make the player feel familiar with the game by presenting it in his/her own language.
we are going to rework soonve

QAre you planning to support more maps then 5v5, such as 3v3 and dominion in a competitive format?
A: No, we are balancing the game around 5v5. It is the most popular map and we don't want to split up the community.

QWhy did you remove the older legendaries from the store?
A:To be honest, they were pretty bad. They didn't have any new animations, voices or anything at all.

Champion development

Q: How often do deviate from the original concept of a champion, and if so how do you guys decide this?
A: We change around a lot, this is mostly done in team meeting, for Syndra as an example we tested out a grand total of 14 different skills,
She doesn't even have any of the skills that we started testing with.

Q:In what order do you guys work, do you get a voice for the champion first and start creating a model/concept around it or do you guys
hire someone based on what you think the champion should sound like?
A: It depends, sometimes we hear a voice and just think 'we should use this!' but most of the time we have anywhere between 20 to 40 do an audition for a role.
In this process we record some lines, they dont have to be the final ones that go out with release

QI noticed that Ahri looks like it is based on Naruto, shen is based on sub-zero. Do you guys actively drawn inspiration from other games/movies?
A: Well, first of all to clear some things up, ahri is based on korean folk lore ,not naruto. Most of the rioters are actually gamers, anime watchers and love reading a book or two so yea, sometimes we get inspired by these activities. Everyone loves archtypes like Cho'Gath, the world eating monster or Karthus as an undead lich.

Reign of Gaming is the premiere resource for all things League of Legends - check them out for the latest news, champion tier lists, streams, forums, and more!

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