Round 1 Match-ups - Curse Invitational

The Curse Invitational Tournement presented by Alienware and begins tomorrow!

On the eve of the first round, Hawkeye of LoLPro sat with us to discuss his thoughts about tomorrow's match-ups. You can watch all of round one tomorrow, starting at 12:00 PM PST over at!

Match 1 CLG vs. Choppa in Da Car 12:00Pst

For match 1 of the LoLPro invitational tournament we have Counter logic gaming, who are currently tied with Team Solo Mid for first place in the North American circuit, against Choppa in Da Car, a team composed of some former complexity players, along with some new faces. 

CLG is always a threat to win any event they enter, they showed just how dangerous they are when recently they won the Season 2 championship for NESL Premier League.  They have the experience and skill to be a dangerous opponent for anyone. 

Choppa on the other hand is our unknown for this tournament.  They are a newly formed team who have done very well for themselves in their first few events.  Some of the names on the roster may look familiar to those who followed complexity, but there are some important changes.  Choppa will be looking for a chance to prove they are ready to compete with the best North America has to offer, and there is no greater trial by fire than CLG.

Match 2 Epik vs. v8 2:00Pst

The second match of the LoLPro invitational tournament will feature two teams that any follower of the North American LoL scene should be familiar with. 

Epik is always a strong competitor, and despite a disappointing finish in the Kiev qualifiers (where they were unable to play with their normal roster), they are consistently a threat to go all the way in any event. 

Their opponent v8 rose to prominence this fall with an impressive run in the IEM New York qualifiers and always show up to events ready to play.  They have eliminated some major names from major qualifiers and LAN events, and they will be looking to do it again here.  So will we see Epik make another run at a first palce finish, or will v8 send them packing early in another event? Be sure to tune in to the stream and see.

Match 3 RFLX vs Dignitas 4:00Pst

Our Third match of the day will feature Dignitas, who  charged into the North American spotlight when they won the IEM NY qualifier, and have been considered a top tier team ever since. 

They have undergone some recent roster changes, but they will be looking to show that they are still the best of the best.  Their opponents are RFLX gaming, this is one of the newest teams to gain notoriety in North America.  They have played in many major tournaments and seem to be on the cusp of greatness.  RFLX will be looking to show that they are a top competitor in North America, and to be the best you have to beat the best.  Will Dignitas advance and attempt to prove they are the top North American team, or will we see RFLX take another step towards recognition as a top competitor and San Francisco? 

Match 4 TSM vs goose 6:00Pst

We will end the day in grand fashion, with two of the most exciting teams in North America.  TSM has been in great form lately finishing second in Kiev, and getting there in convincing fashion.  They have been sharpening their skills by playing over on EU servers, and their aggressive play always makes for a great show.  Their opponents goose showed their skill in the recent Kiev qualifiers, bringing an unorthodox play style and innovative strategies to bear against North Americas best.  This innovation not only keeps matches exciting, but keeps opponents guessing.  These two teams have both earned the right to call themselves top teams, but only can advance a step closer to playing against Curse in San Francisco.  Will gooses strategies, and innovation be enough to help them soar past TSM’s aggressive play style and honed teamwork? 


Remember to tune into the stream tomorrow starting at 12:00 PM PST and head over to for professional insight into League of Legends!


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