Curse Presents the LoL Pro Invitational Tournament

league of legends tournament

Curse is very proud to announce our first major League of Legends tournament to coincide with the launch of our new site 

This will be an invite only event featuring 8 top teams in North America.  The teams will compete online over two weekends for a prize of $5,000.  The team that wins the online event will then be flown to Curse headquarters in San Francisco, to play the Curse team, for a chance at an additional $20,000! 

The first qualifier will take place Saturday February 11th and the second on Saturday February 18th.    The grand finals match against Curse will take place in San Francisco on February 25th.  Please keep an eye on and for exact match times. 

We will have live coverage of this event on Curse TV, with casters ColbyCheeze and Elementz, and VoD’s will be up on YouTube, as well as on  We will also have written match previews and post-game summaries available on  We are really excited about this event, and hope for it to be the first of many.  For the latest updates on this event including a tournament bracket, match times and stream links visit 

We would like to thank all of the teams competing, and the amazing people at Curse who helped build this site for making this event a possibility. 


Curse Team


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