League of Legends' Season Two Features Record-Breaking $5 Million Purse

The first season of League of Legends' eSports competition has come to a close, seeing an exciting level of competitive play from the competitive sect in League of Legends' 15-million-strong userbase.

This time around, Riot Games is upping the ante significantly. Season Two will begin in the Autumn and is going to feature a prize purse of $5 million - a record-breaking sum for eSports competition.

“Season One of League of Legends was a resounding success, with over 1.7 million viewers tuning in to our first-ever championships,” said Marc Merrill, president of Riot Games and executive producer on League of Legends. “The competitive scene in League of Legends has grown like wildfire, and the five million dollars in prize money on the line is a testament to how massive the scene has become and is just the first glimpse of what our players have in store for the upcoming season!”

League of Legends's official website is, so be sure to stop by for more info on how to join.


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