FnaticMSI Takes League of Legends Season One Championship

The first League of Legends championship has now come and gone, signaling the end of season one for the game. The winners, FnaticMSI of Europe have taken the crown after a two match bout with French team aAa.

FnaticMSI only needed two games to capture the crown and a prize worth $50,000.

The team entered the final round of competition as underdogs, losing to both aAa and US-based Epik Gaming on June 18th. That didn't phase FnaticMSI, though, as the team stormed back and never lost another round for the remainder of the tournament.

The European team easily dispatched CLG and Epik Gaming on June 19th, exacting revenge for a loss the previous day. They then carried that momentum on into the final day of tournament, defeating aAa on two separate occasions.

First in the upper bracket final with a dominant initial game--18 kills to 1--and a follow-up that was a bit closer, FnaticMSI pulling it out 27 kills to 20 and a victory.

From there it was no looking back. FnaticMSI made it to the championship round and once again faced aAa. After losing the first match, creating a do-or-die situation for both teams, FnaticMSI pulled out a victory to take the championship.

For Riot Games, the championship tournament at Dreamhack has proven to be a huge success for League of Legends. More than 950,000 viewers watched the live stream on day one, with the stream surpassing 200,000 concurrent viewers multiple times throughout the three-day event.


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