League of Legends Patch 1.16 Live, Adds New Champion "Vayne"

She's Vayne, the Night Hunter and she fights evil. The latest League of Legends patch is now live, and includes this new champion who will surely help to counter all of those evil-doers on Valoran. Classified as both an assassin and a carry, Vayne is a ranged attacker who focuses on attack damage for ability scaling. She also has a bit of stealth up her sleeve, thanks to a combination of her Tumble ability and ultimate, Final Hour.

Vayne isn't the only addition in this patch. There are also a few new skins, as well as more tweaks to champions Riot considers a bit too strong. And even a few improvements to champions that are weaker at the moment.

Gangplank received more buffs with this patch, increasing his armor and attack speed per level scaling. His attack range was also increased, and the cooldowns for his ultimate and Remove Scurvy were both reduced at certain ranks. His ultimate now also slows movement by 25% at all ranks.

On the nerf side of things, Jarvan's knees buckled after being cracked by the bat. Dragon Strike's cooldown and mana cost have been increased at all ranks by 1 and 5 respectively. The shield strength of Golden Aegis has also been reduced at some ranks, and his ultimate now deals less damage at ranks 2 and 3.


Nocturne saw more nerfs in the patch, with Duskbringer and Paranoia both seeing damage reductions at certain ranks. Paranoia's damage reduction was the most substantial nerf for the champion, losing 100 off the top-end rank 3 version of the ultimate.

For items, Riot has introduced a new stat type to League of Legends called Tenacity. It works similarly to Mercury Treads, providing a reduction to the duration of crowd control effects like fear, stun, slow, and so on. New items have been introduced that should prove attractive options over Mercury Treads, should you want a bit of Tenacity without sacrificing your boots.

Each point of Tenacity provides a 1% duration reduction, and while the stat does not stack with itself, it does stack multiplicatively with similar effects. Irelia's Ionian Fervor passive is one example of an effect Tenacity stacks with.


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