League of Legends Patch Live, Adds New Champion "Rumble"

The latest League of Legends patch is live today, and to go along with the new skins this week is a champion named Rumble. Rumble has a new, unique resource mechanic. While other champions are primarily limited by cooldowns, his passive also contributes to this resource.

Called "Danger Zone," as Rumble uses his abilities he generates heat. Above 50% heat, all of his abilities have additional effects. However, once Rumble reaches the cap of 100% heat he'll be silenced for a short duration and his normal attacks will deal additional damage. His heat will decay over time, providing you with a situation where not only do you need to manage your cooldowns for the right moment, but also your heat levels.


There's also a big Alistar revamp in the patch, adding a new passive called Trample which allows him to ignore unit collision and deal area damage each second for 3 seconds, after the use of an ability. His Headbutt ability has been reduced in damage slightly, but it can now be used on minions -- making it a welcome tool for those choosing to jungle as the champion.

Fiddlesticks is the second major touchup in the patch with a base and per-level armor increase, a buff to the range and reduction to the mana cost of Fear, and a tweak to Dark Wind which will make it a bit stronger at low levels due to it having a guaranteed 5 bounces at all ranks. Additionally, Drain and Crowstorm have seen base reductions in their values while receiving a slight increase in ability power scaling.

The final major revamp of the patch is for Gangplank. His base movement speed and mana, and mana per level have been improved. Cannon Barrage has been tweaked with a reduced area of effect, movement slow and damage, but now slows anyone within the radius for the duration of the ability. Parrrley has seen some small reductions in base damage, extra gold generation and mana cost, but also has a cooldown 1 second lower.

The biggest change for Gangplank is the remake of Raise Morale, which no longer requires targeting a minion. Its passive movement speed bonus has been reduced, with an increase to attack damage. However, the best part of the remake is the activated version: it now grants Gangplank a substantial increase to movement speed and attack damage for 6 seconds, while providing half of that to nearby allies.

You can find the full release notes here, on the official League of Legends website.


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