New Skins In Next League of Legends Patch

The next League of Legends patch will be going live tomorrow morning, and with it you'll have access to the new champion, Rumble.

In addition, Riot is adding a few new skins for existing champions. Fiddle Me Timbers and Dreadknight Nasus join the fray as the two skins for this week's patch, for Fiddlesticks and Nasus respectively.

The Fiddlesticks skin is especially awesome, with peg legs and a hook, while also brandishing a bilgewater cutlass.

For Rumble, there are two alternate skins releasing along with his debut. His first is called Rumble in the Jungle, and comes designed with a jungle theme. The second is another pirate skin, Bilgerat Rumble.

The Rumble skins come as part of a bundle promotion for a limited time. The Rumble in the Jungle bundle will unlock the Rumble champion and his Jungle variant for 1462 Riot Points. Rumble Double Bundle provides the champion and both alternate skins for 1722 Riot Points.




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