Cottontail Teemo And Battleborn Kayle Skins Added To League of Legends

Normally I reserve League of Legends news to new champions or patch details, but I just had to post about this. Riot today enabled two new skins for the League of Legends store: Cottontail Teemo and Battleborn Kayle. Sorry, Kayle, but I think you've been shown up by someone barely tall enough to nibble on your kneecaps.

Cottontail Teemo is hands down one of the most adorable things I've seen in a video game. Created in the spirit of Easter, this new Teemo skin comes with a price tag of 975 Riot Points.

The alternate skin comes complete with a carrot on his chest and a basket on his back, as well as a replacement for his signature mushrooms laid out with Noxious Trap. Instead, you'll place a variety of colored eggs.

Likewise, this Teemo's run animation is unique. Rather than work his tiny legs to exhaustion, he's taken a liking to hopping around the battlefield. And then of course there's the fact that he looks like a rabbit, which seals the deal -- making Cottontail Teemo the most adorable alternate skin in League of Legends.




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