Free-to-Play Champion Rotation Update For League of Legends Tomorrow

This week's League of Legends free champion rotation has unfortunately been delayed due to significant server issues the game has experienced the past few days. But Riot has been hard at work fixing the issues and plans to update the free-to-play rotation Thursday morning at 2AM PDT.

The new set of free-to-play champions includes a solid mix of roles for players to take advantage of. Most notably, you'll be able to check out Lee Sin, a champion introduced on April 1, 2011. You'll also be able to test drive Malphite, which Riot reduced the Influence Points price of in the latest patch.

The free-to-play champions this week are:

It's not clear if the reduction in price for Malphite is permanent, but at least you have a chance to play him this week for free to decide if you want to spend some points on him. As mentioned, this set will be available in the rotation as of 2AM PDT on April 14, 2011.


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