League of Legends - Patch Preview

Every two weeks, Riot Games puts together a preview of the changes coming in each League of Legends patch. Morello is back to tell us what's coming in, which should release some time this week.

Two big changes coming are for Heart of Gold and Wriggle's Lantern. Heart of Gold providing multiplicative defensive stats, along with a gold-over-time bonus, is too good according to League of Legends' lead champion designer. To that end, they've removed armor from the item -- meaning it only provides a bonus to health now.

Wriggle's Lantern's change is related to the proc effect it provides. It will no longer trigger the lifesteal component when the effect procs on minions. "What we saw is people in lane were using that proc to fill up between fights way quicker than they would for an item of that gold level," Morello said.


For Teemo nerfs, Noxious Trap's 'reload' time has been increased ever-so-slightly, according to Morello. They've also increased the cooldown on the activated portion of Move Quick from 13 to 22 seconds.

Nocturne is finally seeing a few adjustments after weeks of community feedback. He's going to be losing some of his bonus damage provided by standing on the trail created by Duskbringer. A bug has also been fixed with Unspeakable Horror that prevented you from being able to teleport out of the 'leash' range of it without being feared, and the leash range itself has been reduced slightly. Finally, the range of Paranoia at rank 1 has been reduced by 100, with the hopes that intelligent play will help to combat his early jungle ganks a bit.

Another big nerf this patch comes against 'tanky dps' where Morello says that the team is reducing base damages of a number of abilities while boosting the ratios. In the example of Renekton, Riot hopes this will encourage more offensive item builds to be utilized on the champion.


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