Landmark Steam Sale: 66% Off on ALL Founder's Packs!

A Steam sale has kicked off today for Sony Online Entertainment's beta-phase MMO sandbox title, Landmark, giving prospective players the opportunity to grab ALL Founder's Packs for 66% off of the normal purchase price. These packages contain a wide variety of perks -- with the Trailblazer Pack (originally $99.99), you'll receive unrestricted Closed Beta Access, Head Start in Open Beta Access, keys to share with your friends, your name in the Landmark credits, and a load of in-game items and perks to get you started.

Trailblazer Pack | Explorer Pack | Settler Pack

If you're unfamiliar with the title, check out the trailer below for a look into the universe. Built up with the help of a passionate community, Landmark takes the sandbox genre to a whole new level. Traverse the lands to view breathtaking, player-made building projects, find resources to supply your own endeavors, and revisit the concept of exploration.

Sold? Visit Landmark's Steam page to get in on the lowest pack prices yet! Find out more about Landmark by heading to the official site, and don't forget to check out Curse's own resources! 

EQNextFans is the number one source for Landmark news, forums, videos, and more, and the official wiki will provide you with all the gameplay details you need to know to get ahead!


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