Look Inside Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Destiny & Fate

38 Studios has released an awesome look behind the scenes at Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. The video hones in on two of Reckoning's most-anticipated and innovative features; Destiny and Fate.

The Destiny system was put in place as a way to give players more options in how their character progresses throughout the game. A standard feature in most RPG's is choosing your class at the beginning of the game. 38 Studios, however, sees this as making choices without the necessary information to choose wisely. Players are being bound to a certain class without realizing that maybe they'd prefer to play the game in a different fashion. Using the Destiny system, 38 has opened the doors for players to make more informed choices.

In Reckoning, the player is put in situations that alter the fate of Amalur and all of the worlds inhabitants. When you complete quests, make decisions or do other various things in the game, you are given a Twist of Fate card. These cards are rewards for your actions and give permanent boosts to various stats. The stat in question varies depending on the situation in which you were given the Card. Oftentimes, players will be presented with two choices - for example, you can help a particular group of people or choose not to help them. The Twist of Fate you receive will be based on that choice, and will offer different stat bonuses accordingly.

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