Play Killing Floor For Free Next Weekend

Tripwire Interactive, the studio behind the recently release Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad have announced a special free to play weekend for their popular indie release Killing Floor.

Killing Floor is a co-op survival game in which up to 6 players work together to wipe out massive amounts of 'zombies'. The term Zombie is used loosely, as they are really the leftovers from a messy government experiment gone wrong. You and your team (you can also go solo) are responsible for eradicating all of the monsters, including the very last one known as The Big One.

Now, beginning on December 8th and running through December 11th, players will be able to play Killing Floor entirely for free on Steam. But that's not all! Tripwire has also released a mystery image that will ultimately reveal a special surprise coming to the game. Click the link above to check it out and see if you have any ideas as to what it could be.

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