Kickstarter Feature: Whispering Willows

You all probably know by now that we're pretty big into Kickstarter projects and the amazing games they sometimes yield. Today we're checking out Whispering Willows, a horror puzzle game which will release not only for PC, Mac, and Linux, but also OUYA! 

Players will assume the role of a young girl, Elena, as she struggles over five immersive chapters of gameplay to find her missing father. Puzzles and obstacles bar her way, but Elena has some crafty tools in her arsenal: The power of astral projection and other ethereal abilities. Elena will use these powers to enter the realm of the dead, switching between two forms to accomplish feats of mortal impossibility like flying, squeezing through tiny cracks, manipulating time, freezing objects, and harnessing the power of light. Some gameplay footage can be found at the official Night Light YouTube channel.

Interested in supporting? The Kickstarter campaign has just taken off today, with almost $1,000 out of the required $15,000 attained as of this post. Reward tiers are surprisingly unique compared to most, with gorgeous hardcover collector's books, digital portraits of yourself, handcrafted plushies and amulets, and more. 

 To read up on everything to do with Whispering Willows, head to the official Kickstarter page. There you'll find the inside scoop on development, full reward tier layouts, and pretty much everything you could want to know. Artwork, screenshots, and more can be found in the image gallery below!

Gallery: Whispering Willows



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