IPL 5 Shootmania: Storm Tournament Recap at FPS General

IPL 5 is over, but the community is still buzzing about what went down.  If you're new to the weekend's happenings, the best teams worldwide for League of Legends, StarCraft II, and ShootMania competed at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas last weekend for oodles of cash and the honor and glory of winning.  

The tournament prize pool was $100,000, split among all eight of the qualifying teams. Teams flew in from around the world to compete, including several European teams.  Both Team TCM and Colwn earned themselves a trip to Las Vegas by qualifying in the two European IPL5 qualifier rounds, while Planet Xpress, Spin Move, Epsilon and compLexity (formerly asphyxia) earned their way to the live event by winning the North American Qualifier tournaments.

FPS General has full tournament details at their latest blog post - be sure to check it out to see what you missed.  Curse is also having its own ShootMania Invitational!  For more information, head to to catch up on event happenings, and stay tuned.


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