Heroes of Newerth Anniversary Offers 11 Days of Free-to-Play, UI Revamps

It's now been one year since S2 Games launched their entry into the MOBA genre, Heroes of Newerth. Since then the studio has released consistent patches, as well as a '2.0' version of the game late last year. In these patches players have seen new heroes introduced, alternate avatars and more.

Now with the game's anniversary upon us, S2 is celebrating by making the game free-to-play for the next eleven days. Starting this morning and running through May 22, 2011 at 12:00AM EST, anyone can create a Heroes of Newerth account and play to your heart's content for absolutely nothing. Once the free-to-play period ends, you'll need to purchase a full retail copy of the game to continue, currently priced at $30.

An optional coin package, available only during the free-to-play event, will also include a Heroes of Newerth account at no extra charge, which players can use themselves or pass along to a friend. Likewise, the first game completed by players during the event will reward 100 gold and silver goblin coins, used in the game's goblin store.

To go along with the free-to-play period, S2 is also releasing an anniversary patch for Heroes of Newerth, releasing the highly anticipated revamp to the in-game item shop UI. The overhaul adds a more intuitive layout, the ability to filter by searches, and offers a more robust item recommendation system.

Ability tooltips are receiving a touchup as well to make the game more accessible to new players. At the same time, advanced tooltips are being rewritten to provide better clarity, consistency and usability for veteran players.

In-game hero guides, created and rated by the community.

Hero guides are being added to the game in the patch, too -- finally bridging the gap between the forum community and in-game. You'll be able to view guides based on popularity, and give them a thumbs-up or thumbs-down to further impact their rating. You'll also be able to customize the guides, giving you a means of quickly purchasing items and leveling up skills based on the guide you've chosen.

Finally, two new alternate avatars are coming in the patch. Heroes of Newerth will be graced by the presence of the god of thunder, thanks to the Thor alternate of Thunderbringer. Armadon gets the second alternate in the update, with the classy Winston Charmadon paying Newerth a visit, complete with monacle and tophat.

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