"Aluna" Hero Added To Heroes of Newerth


It's Friday, and that means a new patch for Heroes of Newerth. This week includes a brand new hero, an Intelligence carry badass named Aluna. The character is inspired by actress Paula Garcés and her comic book character, Aluna.

“I wanted to bring the Aluna character to new mediums and HoN is a perfect fit,” said Garcés. “The HoN fans will appreciate Aluna’s unique story and welcome her as a hero in the game.”

Aluna the Heroes of Newerth character has a few extremely creative abilities, including an ultimate that augments her other abilities to work differently. The video preview above is a full spotlight on Aluna, but I've include information from previous previews below.

Aluna's Abilities

  • Emerald Lightning - Aluna launches a bolt of lightning that bounces off her enemies, stealing their attack speed and leaving them stunned.
  • Power Throw - Channeling her strength into a single throw, Aluna is able to throw her weapon with deadly speed and accuracy.
  • Deja Vu - Aluna can see the past and future on the surface of moonlit water, and she can travel there under proper conditions.
  • Emerald Red (Ultimate) - Aluna's emerald draws its power from the moon and increases the potency of her other abilities.

Aluna’s gemstone, vital to her survival, reveals her level of strength. If the gem is red, she has full power and if it fades to green it signals a loss of power. To celebrate Aluna and her gemstone necklace, jeweler Donna Distefano has created limited edition Aluna necklaces reminiscent of what the hero wears in both the comic book and the game. The necklaces, made to match the beauty of Garcés, each feature a 46-carat rare green garnet and will be given to five lucky HoN fans in upcoming giveaways.

S2 Games and Paula Garcés will be at the Game Developers Conference next week, so stay tuned to our coverage of that and any additional information we can glean from them.


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