S2 Games Gets Strict With Heroes Of Newerth’s “Report A Player”

Gearing up for Friday’s patch, which will be introducing the new Empath support hero, S2 Games is increasing the severity of penalties doled out with the ‘Report A Player’ system in Heroes of Newerth. “The suspension lengths that were being issued before were quite low,” wrote S2 staff member ‘Feanux’ on the official forums, “and many players either never knew they were suspended or simply didn’t mind the short ban lengths, so we’ve decided to increase this in hopes of deterring griefers.”

Indeed, most violations resulted in a one- or- two-day suspension prior to these changes. And with the goal of ensuring players can play the game “how it was meant to be played,” this update to the tool should go a long way to seeing that be a reality. The new penalties are very harsh in comparison to the prior, ultimately resulting in a permanent suspension should you keep up your antics across multiple reports.

Players will start off receiving a three-day suspension for anything falling under ‘Griefing & Stats Manipulation.’ This then ramps up to one week, two weeks, one month, three months — ultimately a permanent suspension on your sixth violation. For naming violations, S2 is coming down even harder, electing a ‘three strikes‘ rule. The first violation results in a one-day suspension as well as a forced name change. The next violation gets you a suspension of one month and a forced name change. The third time is the charm, with it resulting in a permanent suspension.

The goals behind this, on S2′s side, are pretty clear: a grief-free and more enjoyable gaming experience, and to quell rule-breaking. The latter occurs in fairly high quantities in Heroes of Newerth at the moment, so this will no doubt be a welcome change by the community. Or at least, most of it.

One thing to note is from the F.A.Q. on the matter. It assures that, should you ‘rage’ over a loss, you won’t be susceptible to these new rules so long as you’re not ruining the gameplay experience or verbally abusing the other players in the game. Heroes of Newerth is, after all, a very competitive game and tensions run quite high during matches.


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